Animal News Stories

Super Bugs Caused by Farm Animals

For years people have known that the more a germ (bug) is around an antibiotic, the more apt it is to become resistant. Farm animals are given all kinds of Animal News cont.

Baby Hummingbirds Being Fed Video

This video shows 2 baby hummingbirds in their nest and then momma bird comes in to feed them. These baby birds are very hungry; the mother bird does a good Animal News cont.

11 Week Old Sumatran Tiger Video

Oh my! Check out CJ the Sumatran Tiger cub playing with his mom. This adorable little guy is a rough and tumble tigger. Well, as rough and tumble as a Animal News cont.

Drunk Man Charging an Elephant Video

Wow, just wow! I have seen drunk people do a lot of things that were pretty stupid, but never saw any of them charge at an elephants. The guy in Animal News cont.

Clownfish Quiz For Kids

Do you know how many Clownfish are born female? How about, why these fish don’t get stung by sea anemones? Or, what is the main color of a Clownfish, orange? Animal News cont.

Do Elephant Trunks have Muscles?

Who hasn’t looked at an elephant and wondered why they would have a “nose” like that? Most animals have a nose they breathe through and it sits pretty close on Animal News cont.

Anaconda with Porcupine Quills

Dear Mr. Anaconda, we have noticed some very prickly porcupines in the area and want to advise you to leave them alone. While they may look like easy prey, they Animal News cont.

Tasmanian Devil Babies at Taronga Zoo Video

In this animal video you get to see 3 Tasmanian Devil babies. Sounds odd to say devil and babies together. While they are super cute at this age, I have Animal News cont.

Baby Short Beaked Echidna Video

This animal video shows a baby Short – Beaked Echidna (also called Puggles). I have to say that they are not cute in the same way a kitten is, but Animal News cont.

Are Baby Humpback Whales Big at Birth

We all know that Humpback Whales are massive animals and they can be up to 40-50 feet long and weigh in at 48 tons. But how big are humpback whales Animal News cont.

Seals Abused on California Beach

At a beach in La Jolla, California seals come to shore at night to rest, this time of year means many have pups. Most people would be thrilled to get Animal News cont.

Komodo Dragon Gross Fact

Komodo Dragons are really cool animals, but you may not want to go to dinner with one. They are not known as the fine dining type. In fact, once you Animal News cont.